28pcs Color Bit & Socket & Ratchet Set  
Size:12:1/4" x 25mml Bits  
3-Slot:4-5-6 (Green)  
3-PH: 1-2-3 (Red)  
3-PZ: 1-2-3 (Light Blue)
3-HEX: 4-5-6mm (Gold)  
Material: S2+Chamfer  
Finish: Painted  
13pc Socket:  
1-1/4" x1/4" 25mml Bit Adaptor
1-1/4" x 50mml Extension Bar  
1-1/4x72 Teeth Ratchet Handle  
With Square Head For Socket  
Material: CR-V  
Finish: Mirror Chorme  
Packed: Bicolor box/ABS + TPR with foam + Shrink  



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